First, Click on the "Schedule Requests, Applications and Finals Schedules" tab at the top of the screen. 




Employer Guide to Retrieving Interview Schedules from Symplicity:

4. To print out a complete schedule (with resumes), click the "+" button [1], which will select all of the student records (a check mark will show up in each student's row). Then, click "Generate Resume/Application Packet." [2]

3. From the "Interveiws" tab, you will be able to see the dates on which each interview is scheduled [1], the names of the students on each schedule [2], the times at which each student will interview [3], and links to each students submitted documents [4].

Note: IGNORE THE ROOM NUMBERS. The rooms listed on this page are place holder numbers only, you will receive your actual room number when you arrive at the job fair. 

8. Finally, right click on the .pdf icon in the "View/Download" column [1] and save the file to your computer.


Interview Schedule Instructions for Employers

5. Enter a name for the file [1]. SEMJF suggests that you elect to print resumes with your schedule [2], as students have been instructed to update the resumes that they have on file with new GPAs, journal and/or law review information, etc. 

When ready, click "Submit Request." [3]


Next, click on the "Interviews" tab.



2. Once logged into Symplicity:


7. Once you have received the email stating that your schedule packet is ready to be viewed, log back into the system and click on the "Schedule requests, Applications and Final Schedules" tab [1] at the top of the screen, and then click on the "Resume/Schedule Packets" tab [2].





6. You will receive an email when the packet is ready for you to view. You may log out at this point, and log back in as soon as you received that email.