Executive Board

2018 Southeastern Minority Job Fair Executive Board

Chair                                                                          Barry University
                                                                                    Bradley Merritt

Secretary                                                                   Faulkner University
                                                                                    Autumn Bailey
Employer Registrar                                                 UNT Dallas College of Law
                                                                                    Courteney Harris
Sponsorships                                                            University of Arkansas
                                                                                    Susan Schell

Publicity                                                                    William & Mary Law School 

                                                                                    Elisabeth Beal & Jenn Salyers
eabeal@wm.edu  jsalyers@wm.edu 
Webmaster                                                                Elon University School of Law
                                                                                    Melissa Duncan  
Hotel Liaison                                                            George Mason University
                                                                                    Tiffany Williams

Student Affairs Coordinator                                   Southern University Law Center
                                                                                    Tavares Walker
Scheduling Coordinator                                         University of Virginia School of Law
                                                                                    Lauren Ventre
Operations I – Name Tags                                     University of North Carolina School of Law

                                                                                    Brian Lewis
Operations II – Equipment/Signs/Supplies       Florida A&M University College of Law
                                                                                    Elizabeth S. Dusinberre
Operations III – Employer Packets                      West Virginia University College of Law
                                                                                    Heather Spielmaker

Statistics                                                                     University of Kentucky College of Law

                                                                                    Susan Steele
Permanent Treasurer                                              Mercer University School of Law
                                                                                    Elizabeth Carr

Permanent Listserv Manager                                University of Georgia School of Law

Law students shall NOT contact SEMJF Executive Board members directly; they should direct their questions or concerns to their law school’s designated SEMJF representative, who will in turn contact the appropriate member of the Board. 

Law students and SEMJF representatives shall NOT contact employers directly in connection with SEMJF, and in no event attempt to reschedule interviews directly with employers.  Students should direct their questions or concerns to their law school’s designated SEMJF representative and representatives should direct their concerns to the appropriate Executive Board member.  Non-compliance with these policies may result in a student’s forfeiture of interviews, in a law school’s probationary penalty or in a law school’s exclusion from future participation in SEMJF.