1. Log into Symplicity at https://law-smjf-csm.symplicity.com/students/

using the username and password sent by the SEMJF administrator.

2. Students must complete their profile before submitting bids to employers.

4. Click on the "Academic Information" tab to check the graduation date and year in school. It's imperative that this information is listed accurately in order to see the correct employers. IF the graduation date or year in school is incorrect, each student should contact their school's career services office.

Setting Up a Symplicity Account

5. To change the password click on the "Password/Preferences" tab.

3. Students should select their ethnicity from the drop down menu. Make sure the name is listed properly, and enter a cell phone number where the student can be reached during the job fair. If the name and student email are correct, click "Save Changes." If the name is listed improperly, each student should contact their school's career services office.