Interview invitations will be available June 21, 2017.

This will display the dates when bidding begins/ends. When Accept/Decline interview invitations begins/ends. Time period that resumes can be updated before interviews.

Bid Details: Select the bid number (1-20), your resume and other documents you would like to submit for this employer.

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Placing Bids and Applying to Employers Seeking Your Class Year

This section lists the locations that employers are interviewing for.

Select how many employers you want to show per page.

Once your bids are placed, verify that the correct documents are loaded for each employer. 

Start Here:

Once you have selected your documents to submit, click the "Apply" button. Repeat these steps for up to 20 employers.

1. Select the Submissions/Interviews Tab

This shows the number of bids remaining.

Verify that the correct documents are loaded for each employer.

Submitting Materials 

to Employers

Click the review button to view the job description and required documents that you need to submit for each employer.