Instructions for Viewing Students and Their Bids

1. Select the "Students" tab.

Log into the Symplicity module at ​using your email address and enter the password provided to you by the Symplicity liaison. 

2. Select "+ More Filters" button.

After selecting "Apply Search," you will only see your students' bids. You should review this list often throughout the student application period to make sure that your students are maximizing their opportunities. 

12. Chose your school from the drop down menu options.

3. Select your school from the drop down menu. 

13. Click "Apply Search."

10. Click "Bids."

Once you are logged in: 

Instructions for Viewing Students and Their Bids in the SEMJF Symplicity Module:

11. When the screen refreshes, click "More Filters" (not shown) and then select the current SEMJF session from the drop down menu. 

Follow steps 9-13 to view your student's bids for employers. 

8. Click on the "Profile" tab (still within the "Core.") The student's graduation date and year in school will be visible.

7. Within each record, the "Main" tab is under the "Core" tab and will show basic information about the student. 

5. Symplicity defaults to showing 20 students per page. You may either elect to view more students per page by clicking on the "Showing" drop down box, or you may click through multiple pages by using the "Page" drop down box. 

4. Click "Apply Search"

9. Click "OCI", a list of options will appear.

6. You may review information by individual students by clicking on the desired student's last name.